Nail Enhancement

Solar Nail (Fill/Set)
Solar Nail Color
Pink Fill
Acrylic Fill/Set
Acrylic w Gel Fill/Set
White Tip Fill/Set
Acrylic Removal Only
Polish Change Hand/Feet
French Polish Hand/Feet
French Extra


For tired, achy hands and feet. Melt away stress and relax sore muscles. For more a more relaxing massage, add Reflexology to your manicure and pedicure.
10 min
20 min



*Basic manicure, trim shape cut cuticle, lotion, and polish.


(30 min treatment)

- Paraffin wax

- 15 min neck, shoulder, and hand massage

- Heated/cold herbal neck wrap.

Gel Manicure

Gel Manicure w/color
Gel manicure w/French
Gel removal only

* Paraffin wax

* 15 min neck, shoulder, and hand massage.


(50 min treatment)

Your choice of organic flavor

* 20 min neck, shoulder, and hand massage

* Paraffin wax, mask with hot towel

* Heated/cold herbal or lavender neck wrap.

Dipping Powder

*15 min neck, shoulder, hands massage, paraffin, heated/cold herbal or lavender neck wrap hot towel.(60 min treatment).
Color Tip/ Ombre
Add Tip extra
Dip Removal Only
Dipping w/Organic


(12 & under)

Scrub, lotion, polish (20 min treatment).

Mani/ Pedi Combo
Polish hand/feet


We use liner in our pedicures. All pedicure are spa quality and begin with a soak. Our refreshing whirlpool foot bath uses the products specified in your treatment of choice. Nails are shaped, cuticles trimmed, and your feet and legs are massaged for further relaxation, and your choice of nail polish is applied.
Express Pedicure

(25 min treatment)

*Exfoliate skin with a sea salt scrub

*Trim, shape, cut cuticles

*Light massage.

Luxury Pedicure

(35 min treatment)

*Scrub, hot stone massage

*15 min massage.

Earth Warm

(45 min treatment)

*Scrub, mask, paraffin wax

*Hot towel wrapped

*22 min massage.

Aroma Pedicure

(50 min treatment)

*Heated/cold herbal neck wrap

*Scrub, mask, hot stone

*Paraffin wax

*Hot towel wrapped

*28 min massage

You can absolutely choose your favorite scent for pedicure.

Charcoal Detox: Black charcoal is a highly effective detoxifying ingredient. It works by behaving like a magnet, attracting and absorbing thousands of times its own weight in dirt, oil, and purities. Each particle has an incredibly porous surface area, allowing it to bind with many toxins and impurities.

Lavender: Moisturizes the skin, leaving it with a silky, smooth, and nourished feeling. Lavender helps to relax and calm both the mind and spirit.

Tropical: Exfoliating and moisturizing citrus scrub with fresh orange slices. This will restore your healthy glow.

Cucumber: Exfoliating legs with fresh slices of crisp cucumber scrub. The natural qualities of cucumber essence will rejuvenate your skin's healthy color and glow.

Sweet Orange: Your pedicure will begin with a fresh slice of citrus & orange soaked sugar scrub for exfoliation which is loaded with powerful anti-aging antioxidants & vitamins. A hydrating mask will be applied & wrapped in a hot towel after a relaxing foot massage with coconut oil.

Green Tea: Exfoliate away tough calluses and smooth away rough and dry skin. The green tea has antioxidants that will leave your skin feeling soft.


Organic Pedicure

(60 min treatment)

*Scrub, mask, hot stone, paraffin

*Hot towel wrapped

*Heated/cold herbal neck wrap

*Warm coconut oil

*35 min massage.

Milk & Honey: Soak your feet in a warm organic milk bath. As the soak dissolves the proteins that kill skin cells, real honey and an invigorating sugar scrub help exfoliate it away, leaving silky new skin to apply our milky mask.

Aloe Vera: An excellent skin moisturizer, aloe vera supplies oxygen to the skin cells which in turn increases the strength and synthesis of skin tissue. It rejuvenates the skin, hydrates and makes it flexible.

Mango: The ingredients act as a natural antiseptics as it rejuvenates cell production and refines texture. It is also a rich natural moisturizer that hydrates and nourishes your skin.

Lemon Grass: Exceptionally rich and soothing anti-system that regulates oil secretion and reduces pore size. It neutralizes free radicals and reverses sun damage to visibly renew skin's healthy, youthful texture and appearance.

Heavenly Jelly

Our special pedicure

*(65 min treatment)

*Massage with jelly

*Scrub, mask, hot stone, paraffin

*Hot towel wrapped, coconut oil

*Heated/cold herbal neck wrap

*35 min massage

*Flavors of Organic/Aroma Pedi. Jelly works as a natural exfoliator while plant oils deeply moisturize skin. When combined with warm water, it transforms into translucent jelly within minutes. While soaking your feet in the foot bath, the jelly will be massage into your skin and muscles.

- You can choose from any of these scents

*Champagne & roses




*Or any flavors of Organic/Aroma Pedi.


Eyelash Extension

Strip Lash

Eyelash Refill

Every week
Every 2 weeks
Every 3 weeks
Every 4 weeks
Lash Removal


Eyebrow tint
Lash lift (lash perm)
Lash lift and tint


Full Face
Ears/Side Burns
Under Arm
Arm (Half/Full)
Legs (Half/Full)
Back (Half/Full)


Mini Facials

Deep cleansing, light exfoliation, serum treatment, revitalizing mark, and case cream.

Balancing Skin Treatment

This deep pore cleansing, extraordinary facial treatment is individualized for your skin care needs. The treatment includes exfoliation equivalent to a microdermabrasion cream, after a gentle extraction session. The high-frequency current is applied to the skin, which increases circulation and decreases residual bacteria. Next, a specialized serum is applied with an ultrasound to ensure deep product penetration. The treatment concludes with a mask suitable for the condition of the skin, and a calming neck and shoulder massage.

Escape Facial

This unique facial treatment combines massage, skin care, and relaxation. While your aesthetician purifies the skin, your massage therapist quietly enters the room and you are simultaneously pampered with 40 mins of hand and feet massage. A blast of polypeptide infused oxygen increases skin elasticity, smoothes wrinkles & protects skin cells from free radical damage.